Top 7 movie slots to play this month

Rise and shine, fellow gambler! March doesn’t only come with nice vibes and great weather, it also comes with a lot of fun. Now is the perfect time to enjoy your hobby to the fullest. Sharpen your gambling skills and play like you never did before! There is nothing that can bother you. Play alone or with your friends and get some good hours of entertainment.

If you have no idea what games to play, then you should consider our top 7 movie slots. These games have amazing themes as they were inspired by some of the best and most popular movies out there.

  1. The Dark Knight

You definitely know the story. The Dark Knight movie was a success, so Microgaming decided to use the theme to create a high-quality slot. The game features, on all the 5 reels, symbols and characters from the movie. There you will find James Gordon, Harvey Dent, the Batman, and even Joker itself. Experience lots of wins while you enjoy the tense genuine atmosphere. This slot comes with 243 ways to win and if you make the right combination you can earn plenty of cash.


  1. Ted

This funny slot can light up a gloomy afternoon. Inspired by the comedy film, Ted slot is here to fill your pockets with cash and put a smile on your face. The game is not very sophisticated but who needs more when you can win £250,000? The slot has lots of features, from Bar Crawl Bonus to Flash Spins. All you have to do is launch it and have a great time!


  1. Jurassic Park

Now that’s an impressive slot. Produced by Microgaming, Jurassic Park will take you on an adventure that you won’t forget. On the reels, you will find images of various dinosaurs and characters from the movie. The exquisite graphics do their job very well and transport you right into the movie’s unique atmosphere. Do your best to align some Wilds or Scatters. These symbols can make your balance grow instantly. Don’t be afraid of the dinosaurs. They can help you get lots of coins.


  1. Justice League

The heroes from DC Universe form one of the most powerful teams in order to defeat Steppenwolf. Play Justice League slot and enjoy the thrilling sensations this game will offer you! This slot created by Playtech has many features that will surely delight you. First of all, regular symbols turn into Wild ones during the game. Secondly, six superhero free games are waiting just for you. Meet Wonder Woman, Batman, and Superman. The Flash, Cyborg, and Aquaman will join the battle, too. Give your best to connect the right symbols and defeat Steppenwolf.


  1. Bridesmaids

This is perfect for the ladies. Bridesmaids is a slot inspired by the comedy movie Bridesmaids. On the reels, you will find the characters that you probably know already, cupcakes, and cards symbols. Spin the reels and do your best to connect the right symbols on an active payline. The slot features a girly, sparkly theme. It has 5 reels, 40 paylines, and many rounds of bonus games. Chanel your inner bridesmaid and you can fill your pockets with many coins. Place the bet, select the payline and start spinning!


  1. A Nightmare on Elm Street

If you are a player who doesn’t get scared so easily, A Nightmare on Elm’s Street is the perfect answer for you. The moment you launch the slot you will be welcomed with terrifying sounds. Don’t lose your focus and keep going. The noise the reels make might get chills down your spine. Spin them and try to connect the lucky symbols. Freddie Kruger is on your side and can help you win lots of cash. It’s the Wild and the Scatter symbol of the game. If you desire to play a unique game, inspired by a great horror movie, this is your chance.


  1. Rango

Enjoy a funny slot with an interesting story behind it. Rango, the chameleon, arrives in the town of Dirt and becomes the new sheriff. The slot keeps the Wild West-like atmosphere alive with the animations and sounds. The reels are filled with characters funny-looking that can bring you hours of fun. Take advantage of Wilds or Scatters and do your best to hit the jackpot!


Have an amazing time this March playing these awesome slots. They all have exquisite graphics that will help you enjoy the atmosphere and your gambling to the fullest. Start spinning the reels today and fill your pockets with lots of prizes!