7 Cool Facts About Slots

Every online casino has a great selection of slots. These come with different themes, multiple ways to win, and awesome graphics. They are brightly coloured, easy to play, and very exciting. Lots of UK players choose to play slots, rather than table games or scratch cards. The truth is that you have the chance to enjoy an awesome atmosphere every time. In addition to that, you don’t have to make a big deposit in order to have fun.

The first slot appeared 1891 in New York. It was very different from the ones you play now. It was based on a poker game and had 5 reels. The symbols were made of 50 cards. It gained an instant success all over New York.

Do you want to know more about slots? Keep reading to find out 7 cool facts about slots.

  1. Now they are very profitable

As mentioned above, the first slot was a success, but in 1980 the gambling industry took a strange turn. Slots were games destined for women, while the men were gambling on table games, like Blackjack or Poker.

It took a decade for slots to reinforce. They became a constant presence in land-based casinos and now online casinos. They turned out to be very profitable and in 2003 they generated over 80% of the casino’s revenues.

  1. They pay big

Slots gained popularity thanks to their many features. One of them is the huge payout that goes back to the player. If you choose to play slots, you have to expect a 90% return to player or even more. Keep this in mind next time you spin the reels and maybe you will be more motivated.

The percentage may differ from one gaming site to another. But in general, slots have a better payout than table games.

  1. Jackpots for everyone

Speaking of huge payouts, we can’t forget to mention progressive slots. These games started to gain popularity and are a must for those gamblers who relish in big wins. The fact that they become so famous made the jackpot get bigger and bigger. They reach as high as the lottery prizes.

The awesome fact about these games is that everybody gets a shot at the big prize.

Due to their evolution, progressive jackpot slot machines became more complex. Now you can enjoy more paylines, extra rounds that can offer you huge wins, and many other amazing features.

  1. Slots strategies don’t work

Many gamblers claim that they discovered the secrets of winning when playing slots. In fact, there are no viable strategies that can offer you a guaranteed win. Once you’ve launched the game, the reels start spinning. The random number generator activates and, of course, it offers you a completely random result. There are no systems that can determine where the symbols will land. Is just your luck that can help you score some money. Next time you play slots don’t chase the big win. Have fun and enjoy the game!

  1. They have nothing in common with traditional machines

It may seem odd to you, but modern slots are not constructed by the same mechanism as the traditional ones. First of all, a large majority of them are online now. This implies computer-generated animations and sounds to offer you the genuine atmosphere.

Slots from land-based casino have over 1.200 components assembled by many people. The industry evolved and the requests are different now. Both online and land-based slot work in the same way but the experience is now better with the virtual ones. Developers make everything in order to offer their UK players awesome products.

  1. Different names

Due to the fact that slots are famous worldwide, players use different names for them. In the UK, players refer to this game as “fruit machines” or “puggies”. This may emphasize the fact that the old-school ones contained mainly fruit symbols. Australians call slots “poker machines” or “pokies”. If you want to play a slot in Japan, you may refer to it as “pachinko”.

  1. The biggest win

If you play progressive slots constantly, you can expect to score a huge jackpot one day. Well, that was the case of Jon Heywood from Cheshire who won £13.2 million on a 25p stake. Start to play slots now and maybe you will be the next lucky winner!

Slots became more and more popular and now they can be found in every online casino. Choose the payline number, place the bets, and have many hours of fun! You will fall in love with them in the blink of an eye!